Sign Language Interpreter - BSL

Our BSL Interpreting experience:


Since 2002, Sign Language Direct has provided professional and qualified interpreters throughout the UK. The head office is located in London although the company offers a national service with sign language interpreters located as far as Scotland. In fact, many of our daily assignments are now carried out in or for Scottish companies.

The Sign Language Interpreter:


The projects carried out range from small half an hour assignments such as attending a wedding ceremony to interpret the vows, to international corporate conferences. Through our understanding of the individual importance of each assignment, every event is tailored to provide a quality, bespoke service.

Years of experience combined with a fantastic and energetic team, we are conversant in organising the logistics required to deliver an expert sign language interpreting service.

Fixed Package Price Costs:


We can offer complete quotes which include everything from the travel time and travel cost to the actual interpreting cost. This allows you, the customer, to be able to fully budget and eliminate the risk of any nasty surprises. It's no secret that this upfront type of costing and combined level of service has made Sign Language Direct one of the UK's fastest growing companies offering sign language services.


Website Sign Language Video Production

The demand for this service is fast growing, our one-stop service allows you to easily submit the script and receive a video file in the format requested, ready to simply upload on your website.


Filmed Sign Language Video Production

Our video production service allows for our filmed sign language interpreter to be inserted into your production. Our complete package of production and equipment, and the expert knowledge of our production team allows for a speedy and accurate service.